Meet the Team – Anna Christian

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Introducing the people behind the scenes at DPS, the company bringing you the Disability Support Guide and Talking Disability, to help you get to know us a little better and give insight into what we do. Next up in our Q&A series is our Acting Deputy Editor of Print, Anna Christian.

How long have you been with DPS?

I started in August 2021, as the Digital Content Creator, then began my new role as Acting Deputy Editor of Print in July – almost a year later.

What is your role?

In my new role I am working on all the printed guides, making sure the content is up to standard and keeping the team working towards deadlines. I also write content for the printed guides and the information and news sections of our websites, including Talking Disability, Talking Aged Care, HelloCare and HelloLeaders. Part of the job of uploading website content is also posting on our social media accounts. In the near future I’ll be working on some exciting video projects across our disability and aged care platforms.

What are some of the things you’ve learnt in this role at DPS?

In this role, I’ve been working a lot more with online content than I have in the past, so I’ve learned how important it is to keep up with and sometimes even predict internet trends, so that we reach as many people as possible. I’ve also learned a lot about the disability support sector and the many people involved, including people with disability, their family members and friends, support workers, providers and Government services.

What is the best thing about working for DPS?

Reading the stories which come out everyday of people living their best lives by breaking through the barriers that society puts in front of them, achieving their dreams, highlighting the negative impacts of stereotypes, and advocating for their own rights as well as the rights of others.

What is the best thing you have worked on?

Writing something new everyday – I know it’s not a single project, it’s lots of little ones, but writing and sharing stories is my favourite thing to do and I feel very lucky that it’s such a big part of my job.

What is your greatest achievement?

Receiving positive feedback from people who I’ve interviewed and written stories about. It’s very important to me to make sure the stories I write are accurate and a good representation of the person who is allowing me to share their story. It’s such a boost when I hear that they’ve enjoyed what I’ve written.

Now for the fun questions! What would your perfect room look like?

Floor to ceiling glass windows on one side with a view of a remote Australian beach, a spa in one corner and a piano in the other (so I could get back into playing piano after a five year hiatus). A few photos of my family and friends on the walls as decor and a big walk in robe that I could hang all my clothes up in so I didn’t need drawers – they’re just too hard to find anything in!

What fictional place would you most like to go?

Narnia, after Aslan beats the White Witch and the children take over as kings and queens. The world just looked so beautiful in the movies and had such a diverse range of landscapes with stunning beaches in particular. It would be pretty cool to live with talking animals too.

What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation?

Hockey. Although I would probably struggle to stop talking at 40 minutes. I’ve been playing field hockey for 15 years and it’s a real family sport – I played in my mum’s team for a few years, have coached my dad, and am currently playing at Premier League level with my sister. I’m very passionate about hockey and it’s always been my favourite activity.

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