Meet the Team - John MᶜAuley

Meet the Team - John MᶜAuley

Introducing the people behind the scenes at DPS, the company bringing you the Disability Support Guide and Talking Disability, to help you get to know us a little better and give insight into what we do. Next up in our Q&A series is our Software Developer, John MᶜAuley.

How long have you been with DPS?

I've been at DPS since September 2021. I’ve had a great time getting up to speed with the business, learning the technology, and getting to know the team.

What is your role?

I work as a Software Developer. The team and I work on the DPS websites and software, including the Aged Care Guide and Disability Support Guide, developing new features, improvements and helping keep everything up and running.

What are some of the things you’ve learnt in this role at DPS?

I’ve learnt a lot! While I have a little bit of familiarity through family who work in disability, the aged care and disability sector is a big change from where I’ve worked in the past, and the technology has been a good mix of familiar and new.

On the tech side, the biggest thing for me has been learning to work with the Laravel web framework. It's not the first framework like it I've spent time with, but learning its specific ins and outs has been a great experience and I've become a big fan of working with it.

What is the best thing about working for DPS?

From my time working here, the best thing has been the positive, down-to-earth culture. We might be a bit quiet on the software team, but everyone gets along great. Everyone in the company has been very friendly and welcoming.

What is the best thing you have worked on?

So far the best and biggest thing I’ve worked on has been the updated Provider List PDFs on Disability Support Guide. I had a great time replicating the look of the wonderful tables our team builds for the print guide, adapting them to a simplified format that can be kept up to date automatically between new print editions.

It all turned out to be a lot more complicated than it might sound at first, but I’ve been very happy with the end result.

Now for the fun questions! Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?

Probably Nagano, Japan. It’s been a few years but I’ve travelled to Japan on a trip with my family. Some of my strongest memories of the trip were having a fantastic time seeing the snow monkeys when visiting Nagano.

That being said, I also have an earlier memory of Nagano. One where I was stuck in my hotel room the whole day - sick. The rest of my family were out, having a great time seeing the snow monkeys and apparently eating some of the best food they had all trip. So there’s some mixed feelings on those memories!

What’s the best way to start the day?

I’m a bit of a slow starter in the mornings, so the perfect way for me would be waking up on a good, temperate morning; having a nice cup of coffee, a simple breakfast and a good two hours or so to relax and wake up before needing to get up and go.

Of course, the challenge here is that this rules out sleeping in, which is also a pretty tempting way to start the day, and a whole lot easier to do!

What would your perfect room look like?

This is going to be pretty heavily influenced by my current small room with an almost inaccessible west facing balcony. But my ideal room would be big and spacious, with a nice desk or two; a firm, comfortable bed; plenty of storage, and a modest, south facing window.

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