Tips for breaking down barriers to palliative care

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For people with a life-limiting or terminal illness and their families, palliative care could lift quality of life. Read more

Long COVID and disability - what you need to know

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While the symptoms of COVID-19 are quite well known two years into the pandemic, there are some different symptoms... Read more

Where to access disability support as a veteran

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For ex-service personnel disability support can be provided by the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) or the National... Read more

Tips for how to choose a volunteering role

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Volunteering roles are found everywhere in the community for such a wide range of causes that it’s impossible to make a... Read more

Why is supported decision making important?

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Supported decision making is giving a person with affected decision making the tools and support they need to make a... Read more

Top five COVID safe travel tips for people with disability

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As travel opens up again in Australia and across the world, you might be starting to think about when your next holiday... Read more

COVID-19 vaccine ‘winter’ booster doses

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A COVID-19 vaccine booster is already recommended for all Australians over 16, but an additional booster is now... Read more

Volunteering opens up a world of opportunities

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Volunteering is the act of giving up your time for free to help another person, organisation, group or cause. Read more

How can a dietitian help people with disability?

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Dietitians are health professionals who help to make sure you are eating the right foods in the right amounts to be the... Read more

Understanding the role of allied health assistants in your therapy

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Allied health assistants work with allied health professionals to deliver services to people with disability in a wide... Read more

Prescription COVID-19 anti-viral medication explained

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Some people who get COVID-19 are more at risk of becoming really sick, and a new prescription medication is now... Read more

Looking for respite? Learn what options are available

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Carers fulfil their role out of love for a person with disability who needs support, but at times day to day caring... Read more

RAT or PCR? Your guide to testing as we live with COVID-19

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The advice around COVID-19 testing has changed since the start of the pandemic and there are now two types of COVID-19... Read more

What you need to know about COVID-19 booster shots

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Now that many adult Australians have been vaccinated against COVID-19 for months the latest recommendation is that these... Read more

Managing COVID-19 at home with a disability

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The Australian Government’s latest advice is that COVID-19 should be manageable at home for most vaccinated people. But... Read more