Programmed Care

About Programmed Care

47 Burswood Rd, Burswood, WA 6100
States serviced
Listing ID
Services provided
At home or in the community

In Home Care

Services offered
Community access & inclusion
Domestic assistance
Pharmaceutical deliveries
Dementia care
Offers services for NDIS
Personal care
Social/Recreational support
Nursing Care
Medication supervision
Palliative care
Respite care
Private funding available
DVA services
VHC services

Therapists & Health Specialists

Registered nurse
Mental health

Advisors & Professional Services

Professional Services
Continence advisors
End of life
Medication management

NDIS Registration Groups

Registration Category Registered States Registration Group
Assistive Equip-Recreation Capital
Assistive Prod-Household Task Capital
Home Modification SA Capital
Therapeutic Supports Capacity
Assist-Travel/Transport NSW , QLD , SA , WA Core, Capital
Ex Phys Pers Training Capacity
Household Tasks NSW , QLD , SA , VIC , WA Core
Assist Prod-Pers Care/Safety Core, Capital
Personal Mobility Equipment Capital
Accommodation/Tenancy Core
Assist Access/Maintain Employ Capacity
Assist Personal Activities NSW , QLD , SA , VIC , WA Core
Assist-Life Stage, Transition WA Capacity
Behaviour Support NSW , QLD , SA , VIC , WA Capacity
Daily Tasks/Shared Living NSW , QLD , SA , VIC , WA Core
Development-Life Skills WA Capacity
Early Childhood Supports WA Capacity
Participate Community NSW , QLD , SA , WA Core, Capacity
Group/Centre Activities Core
Innov Community Participation Capacity
Interpret/Translate WA Core
Personal Activities High NSW , QLD , SA , VIC , WA Core
Plan Management Capacity
Specialised Driver Training Capacity
Support Coordination Capacity
Vehicle Modifications Capital
Vision Equipment Capital
Hearing Equipment Capital
Specialised Hearing Services Capital
Comms & Info Equipment Capital
Community Nursing Care NSW , SA , VIC , WA Capacity
Custom Prosthetics Capacity, Capital
Spec Support Employ Capacity
Hearing Services Capital
Specialised Disability Accommodation Capital
Assistance Animals Core, Capital