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Equipment and Technology Services

Technology and equipment can assist with every day living tasks by making them easier or safer for you to do.

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Aids and Equipment

Some aids and equipment that can support people living with disability may be funded through NDIS.

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Products and equipment such as personal care items, continence aids and medical supplies.

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Home Modification

Everyday life and activities at home can be made easier by making some modifications in and around your home.

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Different types of technology can offer a lot of support to people living with disability.

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Mobility equipment or vehicle modifications to help you get around can increase your independence.

Equipment and Technology

Using the wide range of equipment and technology that is available can help you with tasks you wouldn't normally be able to do, or to make it easier or safer for you to do them.

Using these devices or systems can give you confidence with everyday living by assisting with mobility, communication and health care. They can also reduce the need for assistance from another person and in some cases, may prevent or slow the development of further impairment.

Equipment may be mass produced such as handrails or bathroom chairs, or they can be tailored specifically for your needs, such as a prosthesis. Technology can also be used to make suitable modifications to devices and appliances such as vehicles and beds.

Technology is constantly updated and improved so even if you’re already making use of these types of support it is worthwhile checking what’s new.

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Equipment and Technology