I don’t have NDIS funding

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Not every Australian has access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – some people with disability are not eligible, some may choose not to apply for funding and others are waiting for their application to be assessed.

If you don’t have NDIS funding, this may mean you are at the start of your disability support journey, working through assessments and diagnosis for yourself or someone you care for.

Maybe you are privately funding therapies or support services to help manage your disability or you might be receiving state funding for various supports you use.

Perhaps you have applied for the NDIS and are waiting for an outcome or are appealing the National Disability Insurance Agency’s (NDIA) decision about your application.

Whatever stage you are at, to be able to find the best support for your circumstances you need to be able to make informed choices. The Disability Support Guide website, or printed guide, can help you find the information you need to navigate the maze of available disability support services.

We explain about the different options for in home and community support, accommodation and housing, equipment and assistive technology.

There is also information bout what different therapies mean and how they can help you and the different types of advisors you might benefit from working with.

We also explain about what the NDIS is, how you can access it, prepare for it and manage your supports under the NDIS.

The services section of the website, and the directory tables in the printed guide, can connect you to the services providers in your area, to make it easier for you to start your supports – whether you do receive NDIS funding in the end or privately fund your services.

If you are yet to apply to the NDIS you can start by reading our guide to applying to the NDIS.

If you have applied to the NDIS and were unsuccessful in your application you have the opportunity to appeal the decision, which is explained in our article on plan reviews and appeals.

To get a copy of the printed Disability Support Guide, which also includes useful information and the contact details of local providers, visit DPS Shop.

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