Louise’s story – Advocating to get the best supports for your child

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For many women, pregnancy is a happy time full of anticipation about how life will become more exciting once their baby... Read more

Case study – Fostering a passion for music

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Emilson has a passion for music and with support from disability service provider Community Support Inc he has been able... Read more

Stephen’s story: a dedicated leader with a passion for sport

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Sport isn’t just a pastime for Stephen Lawley, it’s a way of life. ... Read more

Case study – The transformation of Issy

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People with a disability deal with an ongoing struggle to cope with the restrictions resulting from their impairment. ... Read more

Case study – Ashley’s Supported Independent Living experience

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Through their Supported Independent Living (SIL) program, Challenge Community Services has supported many clients experience... Read more

A sense of good tea and successful business ideas

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CONSUMER STORY – At only 20 years of age, Bella Kobayashi is quickly becoming a successful business owner. ... Read more

Case study: person-centred mental health support

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Ash had been a part of the mental health system since she was 14 years old, but it wasn’t until she found Richmond Wellbeing’s... Read more

Case study: Vision loss no barrier for Colleen

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Colleen, a former fitness instructor with type I diabetes, was fit and healthy until signs of heart disease – a major complication... Read more

Case study – assistive technology supports Paralympian, Sarah, to live life

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Australian Gliders basketball player and Paralympian Sarah Vinci, played several sports when she was young, but in 1998 when... Read more

Case study – using passions and identity to create personalised resources

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It’s less about talking and more about listening, discovering and creating personalised supports, when describing the work... Read more

Case study – support to get out in the community

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Before Matt chose Community Support Inc, he never went out much, he was isolated and tended to stay at home all the time.... Read more

Danijela’s story – “It’s so rewarding when you finally see your child succeed”

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One family is just beginning to see the potential of the children as they receive support from a range of services to help... Read more

Jamie-Lee’s story – “Don’t let anyone tell you how you can live your life”

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Proving to herself and others that she can live independently allows Jamie-Lee to enjoy the lifestyle she wants to lead and... Read more