Reasonable adjustments in the workplace

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If you need modifications or adjustments to your workplace to accommodate your disability so you can work at your bes… Read more

Finding an accessible house in Australia

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One of the biggest problems arising in Australia for people living with disability is finding an accessible house. It… Read more

(Wheel)chair exercises

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Limited mobility, or relying on a wheelchair doesn’t mean you aren’t able to give exercise or sport a go.  Read more

What types of activities could I do?

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If you're living with a disability, there is still a wide range of sports and activities you can try. Read more

Recreation, sport and the NDIS

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Recreational activities, including sport, are an important part of community inclusion and can offer the opportunity … Read more

Packing checklist for your next holiday

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Packing for a holiday can be stressful, even if the trip is exciting, so we’ve put together a helpful list of essen… Read more

Planning your next accessible adventure

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Going on a trip or holiday, either to a local destination or abroad, requires planning. If you or the person you are … Read more

The world is your oyster with accessible travel

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Accessible tourism means that people with disability are able to participate in and enjoy travel both inside Australi… Read more

Tips for travelling with disability

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For people with disability, travelling may present some additional challenges, however, if you're well prepared you w… Read more

Creating a plan in the case of emergency

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If you live with a disability or are in a caring role, preparing for an emergency such as bushfires, floods, and the … Read more

Accessing respite services for someone with a disability

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Respite or respite care is when someone else takes over the caring role so that a carer can have a break. It may be b… Read more

Staying fit and active with a disability

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Remaining active is important for everyone, including those who have a disability.  Read more

Disability Parking Permits: How you can get one in your state?

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Disability parking permits are used to park in designated areas displaying the international symbol of access. Read more

Disability accessible travel and tourism

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Accessibility of tourist locations is essential to allow all Australians to enjoy travelling around the country. Read more

Natalie’s story: Representing Australia in wheelchair basketball

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Proving that a disability doesn’t have to hold you back in chasing the sporting dream, 28 year old Natalie is waiti… Read more