Planning to stay safe during flooding

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During floods and severe stormy weather essential services at home can be cut off - including water, electricity and... Read more

Support for children with disability in specialised school settings

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For some children with disability the best way for them to receive an education is through specialised classes, a... Read more

Support for children with disability in mainstream schools

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Education is vital to every child’s development, but for some children to learn everything they need to know they need... Read more

What can the Carer Gateway do for you?

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Being a carer is a big job and it can take an emotional, mental and physical toll on you no matter how much you love the... Read more

Support payments for carers who have a child with disability

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A range of payments and supplements are available for carers who have a dependent child with disability or a medical... Read more

Flexible schooling options for children with disability

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In some situations children with disability may need different schooling schedules to other children. Read more

Vehicle modifications for passengers with disability

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Private vehicles can be an important mode of transport but may require modifications for the comfort and accessibility... Read more

Learning to drive with disability

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Driving provides a kind of independence and allows you to travel more around your community or to participate in more... Read more

Vehicle modification ideas to fuel your independence

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Rural disability support - where you can find help

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People with disability who live outside major cities and regional centres can face additional barriers when accessing... Read more

Supports available to protect you from COVID-19

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While parts of Australia are beginning to ease restrictions brought in to curb the spread of COVID-19, many people with... Read more

Your questions about transport funding answered

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Funding for the specific transport needs of people with disability is included in the National Disability Insurance... Read more

Life after secondary school - transition into further study for students with disability

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Planning your transition out of school and into becoming an adult can be a big task, but it’s important to know you... Read more

Individualised Living Options funding explained

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There are many options for people with disability to be supported in different ways in their homes through National... Read more

Why flexible workplaces are important for people with disabilities

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Having a workplace culture which is flexible can help all workers with their wellbeing and people with a disability have... Read more