The alarming link between disability and smoking

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There is a strong association between smoking and mental health conditions. How strong, you may ask? Read more

Addiction and the NDIS — unleashing the myths & truth

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It’s not just the opioid crisis — substances commonly associated with street drugs or addiction are a huge part of... Read more

When is introversion an issue?

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People with agoraphobia may find that the pandemic normalised a very serious condition, with many people who have a... Read more

What is schizophrenia?

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This edition of Disability Support Guide will cover the basics of schizophrenia, including positive and negative... Read more

How to deal with ADHD in everyday life

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This guide will show how medication, changing patterns of behaviour and developing goals can help someone manage life... Read more

Rehabilitation and recovery from spinal cord injuries

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Spinal cord injuries (SCI) are impossible to predict or entirely prevent, with the most common causes coming from accidents... Read more

What is a communication disability?

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Talking and communicating to others is a task often taken for granted, but for people with a communication disability, there... Read more

How do people with disability utilise speech pathology?

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Speech pathology is a specialised field that provides support for people with communication disorders or communication disabilities.... Read more

How does a Behaviour Support Plan improve quality of life?

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A Behaviour Support Plan aims to provide the tools and strategies necessary to support a person with disability to improve... Read more

Accessing disability support without NDIS funding

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Only about 10 percent of Australians with disability are actually National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants.... Read more

Why are MS Nurses important?

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More than 25,600 Australians live with multiple sclerosis (MS) and there are 90 nurses working across the country to provide... Read more