How can child care be provided at home?

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Child care is used by many families to allow parents to work or complete other tasks without constantly caring for the... Read more

Support for children with disability in specialised school settings

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For some children with disability the best way for them to receive an education is through specialised classes, a... Read more

Support for children with disability in mainstream schools

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Sex education - an important part of learning about life

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How preschool can support your child with disability

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Preschool, also known as kindergarten, is a crucial time of early learning for children aged four to six. Read more

Flexible schooling options for children with disability

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In some situations children with disability may need different schooling schedules to other children. Read more

Options for transitioning out of school and into work

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Having a job can grow your social circle, increase connection with your community, give you more financial independence,... Read more

Life after secondary school - transition into further study for students with disability

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Why flexible workplaces are important for people with disabilities

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Having a workplace culture which is flexible can help all workers with their wellbeing and people with a disability have... Read more

Debunking common Autism myths and stereotypes

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Every person with Autism Spectrum Disorder is different. There are many myths and stereotypes associated with Autism and... Read more

School transitions for children with Autism

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Starting school, whether primary or secondary can be daunting for any child but especially for children or young adults... Read more

Dental care and Autism

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Visiting the dentist can be a source of anxiety for many people, but for someone living with Autism Spectrum Disorder or... Read more

Down syndrome resources

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Whether you are the person living with Down syndrome, a carer, family member or friend, there are some great resources... Read more

Autism resources

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Whether you are the person living with Autism, a carer, family member or friend, there are some great resources... Read more

Signs of autism and the road to diagnosis

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Not every child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will rock back and forth, avoid eye contact or line its toys up... Read more