What career is right for you?

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What did you want to be when you grew up? Let the team at Disability Support Guide know! Read more

‘Tell me about yourself’ — how to respond

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The dreaded question that stands in the way of every job interview and first date… Tell me about yourself. Read more

Part-time work is valuable to people with disability

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Work isn’t just about getting paid. Employment can provide a number of benefits for people in terms of health,... Read more

How to make your workplace disability-friendly

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People with disability face added barriers in finding employment, despite the fact that many have a lot to offer prospective... Read more

A sense of good tea and successful business ideas

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CONSUMER STORY – At only 20 years of age, Bella Kobayashi is quickly becoming a successful business owner. ... Read more

Looking for work online to help you achieve employment

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Most working-age (15–64) people with disabilities find engaging in the workforce to be difficult, and searching for work... Read more

Open or supported employment – what’s the difference?

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Employment has many benefits for people with disability, such as providing the opportunity to develop skills, meet new people... Read more

What you need to know this tax time

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30 June marks the end of the financial year, which means tax returns will soon be due. ... Read more

How are employment services changing?

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Changes will soon be made to Australian Government employment services, including where job seekers access information and... Read more

What is the disability employment strategy?

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The latest disability employment strategy for Australia, Employ My Ability, aims to create inclusive workplace cultures which... Read more

Creating an inclusive volunteering environment

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Creating a more inclusive volunteer program that involves people from a range of backgrounds, including people with disability,... Read more

Disability Action Plans – why your organisation needs one

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It’s important to have a diverse workforce and that includes people with disability. A Disability Action Plan (DAP)... Read more

Tips for how to choose a volunteering role

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Volunteering roles are found everywhere in the community for such a wide range of causes that it’s impossible to make a... Read more

Volunteering opens up a world of opportunities

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Volunteering is the act of giving up your time for free to help another person, organisation, group or cause. Read more

Assistive technology for support in the workplace

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Technology in the workplace is evolving to make businesses more efficient and to make jobs easier to do for everyone. The... Read more