Jamie-Lee’s story - “Don’t let anyone tell you how you can live your life”

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Proving to herself and others that she can live independently allows Jamie-Lee to enjoy the lifestyle she wants to lead... Read more

Individualised Living Options funding explained

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There are many options for people with disability to be supported in different ways in their homes through National... Read more

Quadriplegic mum continues her adventures thanks to NDIS funds

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After an accident left self-confessed adventurer Joanna Fowler with a spinal cord injury, the Brisbane mum-of-two is... Read more

Renting with a disability

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If you're looking to move out of home and gain more independence, renting your own place or a room in a share house is a... Read more

What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)? Your questions answered

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Do you enjoy living independently but also require some extra support to meet your daily needs? If so, Supported... Read more

Understanding Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

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The journey to receiving Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding is complex, although there are some things... Read more

Short-Term Accommodation (STA) and respite under the NDIS

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Taking a break from your carer is beneficial to both of you.  Not only does it help maintain positive family and carer... Read more

The right ingredients for a happy household

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On Monday evenings, you’ll find housemates Dale, Tim, Josh and Paul winding down from work, preparing dinner, and... Read more

Finding passion and purpose for Nick

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Nick Palmer is living life on his terms. On his living room wall is a photo of him sitting on a Harley with a black... Read more

Finding an accessible house in Australia

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One of the biggest problems arising in Australia for people living with disability is finding an accessible house. It's... Read more

Tips for travelling with disability

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For people with disability, travelling may present some additional challenges, however, if you're well prepared you... Read more

Accessing respite services for someone with a disability

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Respite or respite care is when someone else takes over the caring role so that a carer can have a break. It may be... Read more

Disability accessible travel and tourism

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Accessibility of tourist locations is essential to allow all Australians to enjoy travelling around the country. Read more