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Accommodation / Housing Services

There are different types of accommodation and housing options available depending on your needs.

24-Hour Emergency image

24-Hour Emergency

If you need urgent, emergency accommodation, 24-hour accommodation can provide you with a safe place to stay.

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When it comes to living independently in your own home it's important to find housing that is accessible and meets your needs.

Long Term Accommodation image

Long Term Accommodation

Long-term accommodation provides ongoing housing security, allowing you to get the most out of your life.

Respite image


Respite is a great form of temporary accommodation available when you or your carer need a break.

Shared Living image

Shared Living

Shared living is a housing option that allows you to live with people with similar needs, sharing household tasks and supporting one another.

Short Term Accommodation image

Short Term Accommodation

If you need somewhere to stay for a short period of time, there are some accommodation options able to meet your needs until you find long-term housing.

Specialist Disability Accommodation image

Specialist Disability Accommodation

If you have complex support needs, specialised accommodation can meet these, helping you live a supported and fulfilling life within your community.

Supported Independent Living image

Supported Independent Living

Supported independent living allows you to receive support in your home, alongside other people with disability with similar needs.

Tenancy image


If you’re looking to rent a house within your community that meets your needs there are supports available to help you on your rental journey.

Accommodation / Housing

When deciding where you’d like to live you should consider the location, style and accessibility of housing but also the support you need everyday.

One option is shared housing with friends or people with similar needs. In this situation you can share costs, help each other with tasks and provide support to one another.

If you require help with some tasks, supported accommodation may be for you. You pay a fee to enjoy residential communal living and in return, you get your meals cooked for you and assistance with medication, laundry, finances and cleaning. You may have your own room or share with someone else.

Group or cluster housing allows people with similar needs to live in a cluster of units together.

If you have very high support needs you may be eligible for NDIS-funded Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).

Short-term and emergency accommodation can also be available to you if you meet the criteria, as well as respite care if you or your carer need some time away from each other.

It is important to do your research to find the best accommodation option that will allow you to fulfil your potential and participate within your community.
Accommodation / Housing