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24-Hour Emergency Services

If you need urgent, emergency accommodation, 24-hour accommodation can provide you with a safe place to stay.

24-Hour Emergency

If you experience an emergency situation and are unable to stay in your current housing, 24-hour accommodation can help.

You may be able to access emergency housing for example in an urgent situation that makes it difficult for your carer to fulfil his/her role, if you or another family member are ill or injured, if critical equipment breaks down, or sudden and temporary increase in your support needs or because of natural disasters such as storm, fire, flood or earthquake

Emergency care could also include a substitute carer coming into your home to look after you or a visit to a facility specifically designed to cater to your needs until your primary carer is fit to care for you or is it safe to return to your home.

If you receive support from a disability service provider, it is always worth contacting them to see if they are able to help you further by offering emergency care. Disability service providers who offer short-term emergency accommodation are able to help you find a place until you are ready and able to return to work.
24-Hour Emergency