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Shared living is a housing option that allows you to live with people with similar needs, sharing household tasks and supporting one another.

Shared Living

If you would prefer to not live alone and instead enjoy the company and support of a roommate, shared living is a good option.

This involves people with similar needs living in a cluster of units together, with access to support. Some people with disability live with friends or others with similar needs, sharing costs, helping each other with tasks and providing mutual support.

Group homes are where several unrelated people live in a home with support staff.

This style of accommodation is for people who need 24-hour support, including help with meals, personal hygiene, appointments and social activities.

Cluster housing is where there are a number of houses on one site with access to 24-hour support through an internal communication system. In this housing setting you live by yourself but have other people with disability living in nearby homes.

Shared living arrangements provide the opportunity for people with disability to meet new people, develop friendships with their roommates, enjoy a social life and maximising their independence while also getting the support they need to fulfil their potential.
Shared Living