Finding passion and purpose for Nick

Finding passion and purpose for Nick

Nick Palmer is living life on his terms. On his living room wall is a photo of him sitting on a Harley with a black helmet and boots. It’s surrounded by photos of his family, friends and adventures from Perth to Tamworth. His yoga mat is on the floor and his bowling gear is in the cupboard.

Nick takes out his Dockers uniform and borrows a football from his mate, Alan in the apartment next door.

“I’ll tell you a secret. I went for the Eagles before the Dockers and then I swapped. I’d had enough.” Even though his neighbour is an Eagles fan, Nick says they’re still good mates. “We bonded like this.” Nick says as he clicks his fingers. “We talk, laugh, tell jokes, sometimes we’re cranky.”

The men have their own apartments supported by Rise. When there’s a home Dockers game, Nick’s dad picks him up and the whole family heads to Optus Stadium.

The art of sourdough

It’s not all football and fun for Nick. Twice a week, as the sun rises, he puts on his work gear and waits for Sukh from Rise to give him a lift to the bakery. Working as a Baker’s Assistant can be hot, hard work but Nick is learning all he can about the art of sourdough. 

“I knead the dough, make different breads and set up. I do the garlic bread and the flour in the morning. I like the mix of people and everything, talking to people, having meat pies, learning things.”

Nick is also actively involved in the community. He’s part of a group that formed the disability committee to provide advice about issues affecting them and other people with disabilities at Rise. 

Rise Chief Executive Officer Justine Colyer, says, “We welcome advice from the people we support as they have the skills, knowledge and lived experience to advise Rise on the policies, plans and services that directly impact them.”

Passion and purpose

On the weekend, Nick and his neighbours might get the barbecue firing up in their backyard.

“We have barbecues in summer or autumn and picnic lunches. Alan and I might have a coffee together. I go out every day.” 

The guys have also got some old truck tyres and are planning on making a vegetable patch. From baking to barbecues, Nick’s week is full of passion and purpose. He has a clear vision of what he wants for the future and the best way he can be supported to reach his goals. 

There will be many more photos of his adventures with family and friends to add to his living room wall.

Looking for a rewarding career?

Rise recognises people with disability have the skills, knowledge and lived experience to help us create a better workplace. Rise and several other non-profit organisations have committed to increasing the number of people with disability employed within their respective organisations.

Employing people with disability attracts new skills and brings a wealth of creativity and innovation in all aspects of the business.

Rise are now collaborating with people who have disability. They are part of a committee who advise and guide the implementation of this initiative to increase employment opportunities. 

The group advises Rise and other organisations on the issues facing people with disabilities when looking for work, for example going through interviews, workplace environment, resources, transport and any other issues that are challenges to employment – as well as solutions to those challenges.

Call 08 6274 3700 or send an email to [email protected] to find out about current job vacancies.

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