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Social workers play an important role in helping you on your journey to improved mental health.

Social Workers

Social workers make up the greatest percentage among mental health professionals. A social worker can help you on both a personal and social level to help improve your wellbeing. They will help you cope with problems in your everyday life by making recommendations and help you work towards positive outcomes.

Social workers possess high levels of compassion and empathy, as well as good listening and problem-solving skills.

They have an extensive knowledge of human behaviour and development. Social workers fight for social justice and equality of people in need. Within the mental health sector, they provide individual, family and couples therapy. You will find social workers in private practices and mental health units.

Social workers play an important role in identifying those in need, assessing needs, implementing an action plan, helping people adjust, connecting people to resources and support, responding to crisis and maintaining a caring relationship throughout a person's recovery.
Social Workers