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Through training or workshops you can learn important skills to help you live a more independent life or to help you in your caring role.

Training and Workshops

There is a broad range of training and workshop opportunities that are aimed specifically at the person living with a disability or to help parents and carers to gain knowledge, understanding or skills to support them in their caring role.

If you are living with a disability, there are workshops that can teach you daily skills or life skills to help with confidence and self esteem and see you live a more independent life. For example some workshops can teach you how to handle money and a budget, how to use public transport, how to make friends or you can get training to help you develop specific skills so it may be easier to find a job.

Training opportunities for family or carers can be general like First Aid training, or it might be more specific to help you understand your loved ones disability or condition further and help you give the appropriate support. For instance, if the person you are caring for has a visual impairment, you may want to learn how to be more aware of their needs and challenges or if your child is on the autism spectrum, a sibling workshop can help support brothers and sisters and give them an understanding of what life is like for their sibling living with autism.

As well as giving tips and practical advice in your caring role, training sessions and workshops are also are a great opportunity for you to meet other carers where you can discuss and share experiences of your caring role.
Training and Workshops