Accessible travel

Information about accessible travel options for people with disability.

Travelling with a disability

Living with a disability doesn’t need to impact your love of travel. There are lots of accessible travel options and the key to safe and comfortable travel is making sure you are prepared. The articles below will help you prepare for your next local, national or international holiday.

Popular Accessible Travel Articles

Accessible tourism aims to make sure that tourist destinations, services and products are accessible to everyone, including those who live with a disability, to participate in and enjoy travel both inside Australia and abroad. Here are some tips to limit the barriers faced when travelling.

Going on a trip or holiday, either to a local destination or abroad,
requires planning. If you or the person you are travelling with live with a disability, then there may be a few extra things to think about
before leaving. We’ve put together some key points to consider if you’re planning your next trip.

Travelling with a disability may present some additional challenges, however, if
you’re well prepared you won’t find any unexpected surprises. We’ve put
together a list of tips to help reduce some of the stress.

Packing for a holiday can be stressful, even if the trip is exciting, so we’ve put together a helpful list of essentials to get you started.

Living with a disability hasn’t stopped one South Australian man
from discovering the world, and even turning his passion for cruising
into a business. Robert lives with spina bifida and has been traveling for 20+ years.