Working in the Disability Sector

Information about education and training options for jobs in the disability sector.

Working in disability services

Working in the disability sector means helping to support a broad range of people of different ages, backgrounds and disabilities, across many different jobs. Here is an overview of the types of jobs in disability support, what you can expect to do in those roles and what education and training is required.

Types of jobs in disability services

Working in disability services means you get to make a difference in a person's life, supporting them to live as independent as possible. If you have a caring nature and are looking for a hands-on job, enjoy working with people, where no day will be the same, then a job in disability support may be for you.

There are different types of jobs that can assist people with disability in day-to-day life, with accessing supports, getting around and being part of the community or with medical needs.

Duties and responsibilities

The tasks performed if you're working in the disability sector can be either small or more involved. Still, they are centred around offering someone with disability the appropriate support that they need, ensuring their wellbeing and promoting independence. 

Every person with disability has different needs and the types of tasks you will perform in your role will depend on that. Read on for a general description of some of the main duties and responsibilities for different roles.

Qualifications and experience

Qualifications and experience required to work in the disability sector can be gained through different types of education or personal development through TAFE, university, on the job training or other accredited courses.

There are many different levels of qualification that can help with gaining the skills and knowledge to help you in a disability support career or job. These range from a Certificate III in Individual Support to a university degree. Depending on what type of job you are interested in, there will be different requirements.