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Learn about the people working to bring you information about disability support and aged care.

Our team

Introducing the people behind the scenes at DPS.

Below is a series of profiles of the people behind the scenes at DPS, the company bringing you the Aged Care Guide, Disability Support Guide, Talking Aged Care and Talking Disability, to help you get to know us a little better and give insight into what we do.

Each of our team members has answered a set of serious questions about their day to day roles and some fun questions to show you a bit about their personality.

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Michelle Beech - CEO

Michelle Beech is the Chief Executive Officer at DPS Publishing. Having been with the company for four years, Michelle started in a part-time role and was offered the role of General Manager after her first year with us. In 2019, within four months of becoming DPS’s first female CEO and the first under 40, Michelle changed the company’s entire structure, helping us run more efficiently and saving us a significant amount of money.

As CEO, Michelle’s role focuses on the big picture thinking and strategy planning of the company to ensure we have a clear direction and meet the goals we set ourselves along the way. She’s hands-on and plays an active role in the day-to-day running of the company through business development, management of key partnerships as well as looking after the financial side of the business.

Steve Krockenberger - Executive Assistant to the CEO

Steve Krockenberger is the Executive Assistant to the CEO at DPS. He’s a jack of all trades and fills our needs in whatever role we need him. One day he might be working on our digital marketing strategies, the next he’s helping improve the designs on the printed guides for Disability Support and Aged Care. Steve uses his wide ranging experience to work between sales, distribution and marketing. He also loves working on company strategy, long-term focus and identifying growth opportunities and efficiencies for the business.

Rhiannon Chamberlain - Administration Officer

Rhiannon Chamberlain is DPS Publishing’s Administration Officer. She deals with all things numbers and assists with general administration duties for the company. Rhiannon has been with the company for more than six months now and is enjoying the role where she has been building and learning new skills.

Matthew Gonzalez - National Sales Manager

Matthew Gonzalez is the National Sales Manager at DPS. He thrives on the challenge of sales and enjoys forming relationships with others and building a positive culture. Matt is great at presenting to clients and enjoys being on the road, presenting at expos, and promoting DPS wherever he can. He also manages the sales team and ensures they’re hitting their KPIs and performance levels. As well as looking after clients and sales, Matt is also involved in marketing, working on social media and Google search campaigns. He also has a personal connection to the industry as his son is an NDIS participant. It's one of the main reasons he likes working with disability service providers as he understands and relates to their journey.

​Ed Carrasco - Sales Executive Aged Care Sector

Ed Carrasco is the Account Manager and Sales Executive at DPS Publishing. He liaises with new and existing clients who are looking to promote their services on the Aged Care Guide website and in the State-based printed Guides. Some of his clients also provide disability services that they advertise in the Disability Support Guide publication or online. Ed enjoys meeting clients face-to-face, providing recommendations on how they can be better exposed to the market and enjoys building long-term relationships with our clients. He also enjoys providing resources to the consumer with valuable information about aged care and disability support.

​Maria Stephenson - Sales Executive Disability Sector

Maria Stephenson is DPS Publishing’s Disability Sector Media Specialist. She attends many expos and events on behalf of the company and loves catching up with our clients. Maria is the go to person when it comes to the Disability Support Guide. Maria is a self-proclaimed "people person", a lover of all things cats, and is the resident gym junkie at DPS.

​Catherine Mansell - Client Services Team Leader

Catherine Mansell is DPS Publishing’s Team Leader of the Client Service Team. Catherine supports the companies clients in organising their bookings for the Aged Care Guide and Disability Support Guide publications and websites, collects data so that all the information on DPS' websites are up-to-date, and also assists consumers who ring up looking for information. Catherine is well known in the company for being the life of the party!

​Hayley O'Kelly - Client Services Officer

Hayley O'Kelly is DPS Publishing’s Client Services Officer. Hayley has spent the past six years living and working in Canada, and took up a spot at DPS after she moved back to Australia. In her role, Hayley provides assistance to the company's advertisers and non-advertisers. She is also the happy voice at the end of the phone when people call DPS!

Rebekah Ewing - Customer Service Officer

Rebekah Ewing is DPS Publishing’s Customer Service Officer. The jack of all trades at DPS, Rebekah is the friendly, happy face around the office who is always happy to have a good chat. She assists our customers, makes sure all of the profiles on the Disability Support Guide are up to date, and calls DPS distributors to check on their Guide stock levels and place orders for them if they require more.

Aaron Heath - Chief Technical Officer

Aaron Heath is DPS Publishing's Lead Developer. He manages the Web Development team and all the technical aspects of the company, including developing tools that will make the Aged Care Guide and Disability Support Guide website easier to navigate. Aaron has been with the company for more than six months now and has made a solid impression with his daily roast lunches.

​Adam Lehmann - Senior Developer

Adam Lehmann is a Senior Developer at DPS. He’s mainly responsible for looking after the code that drives the website as well as the digital side of the company and what it offers. This includes the front and backend of the websites. He is also responsible for mentoring some of the Junior Developers' progress and enjoys helping them build their knowledge and skills. Adam has worked on a significant project that will allow clients to manage all their advertising requirements for our print and online resources. His work will help create more flexibility for clients because they'll be able to manage the whole advertising process themselves.

​Jackson Hagan - Front End Developer

Jackson Hagan is DPS Publishing’s website developer. He is the primary front end developer on the team and is responsible for our online presence, particularly the look and feel of the Aged Care Guide and Disability Support Guide websites. Jackson’s been with the company for close to two years and has developed his knowledge and understanding of the IT field in this role. He works a lot on updating the website's features and ensures our web pages are clear and easy to navigate so that people can access DPS publishing’s guides easier.

John MᶜAuley - Software Developer

John MᶜAuley is DPS Publishing’s Software Developer. He works on both the Aged Care Guide and Disability Support Guide websites and develops and improves on website features for our clients. In John's spare time, he enjoys playing video games and has even tried his hand at making his own video game!

Margot White - Managing Editor

Margot White is DPS Publishing's Managing Editor. She manages the editorial and production team, ensuring new and exciting content from both the aged care and disability websites, and oversees the creation of all DPS publications. In her spare time, Margot enjoys reading, especially World War I and II books, walks on the beach, and early morning workouts.

William Butcher - Typesetter

William Butcher is DPS publishing’s typesetter, graphic designer and desktop publisher. In other words, he makes our guides look great and ensures our style is kept consistent. He is also responsible for client advertising creation and makes sure the publications are print ready. Originally from Canada, Will has been with DPS since moving to Australia almost 15 years ago. His normal day-to-day usually involves working in a desktop publishing program, gathering content and compiling it into the book (as well as making the rest of the office jealous and hungry with his delicious roasts!)

​Trudy Bettcher - Senior Print Coordinator

Trudy Bettcher is DPS Publishing’s Senior Print Coordinator. She has nearly reached her 10 year anniversary at DPS. Trudy deals with the coordination of the printed Aged Care Guides and Disability Support Guides, and makes sure the team reaches the deadline on time! She is also the office mum of the company, Trudy always has pearls of wisdom for anyone who asks.

Liz Alderslade - Journalist

Liz Alderslade is one of DPS Publishing’s Journalists. Liz develops content across a range of DPS brands and also works alongside the production team on the creation of the printed Guides. Having worked at the company for nearly three years now, Liz plays an important role for the culture inside the office as she can talk with anyone at all - sometimes having conversations about the most out-of-the-ordinary interests and making everyone feel part of the team.

Anna Christian - Digital Content Creator

Anna Christian is DPS Publishing’s Digital Content Creator. She is an avid hockey player of 15 years, so much so that she has even coached her dad in hockey! At DPS, Anna covers all things disability, keeping the Talking Disability readers up to date with the latest news in the disability sector, and creates information content to assist people with disability find services they need. She will also be producing videos to appear across our aged care and disability platforms.