A secure and simple way to capture, organise and share care documents

Posted 6 years ago by Andrew Lodiong

SPONSORED STORY – Capturing and managing care related documents is incredibly important for people with disabilities as they are needed for delivering the best care outcomes, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan management, NDIS claims and being ready for an NDIS audit.

CareDocs believes that a secure and simple way to capture, organise, manage and share care related documents is an important digital solution for people with disabilities and the people helping them.

Director Rajat Kulshrestha says the aim is to save people with disabilities and their carers a significant amount of time and reduce the frustrations relating to managing the large number of documents relating to disability care and NDIS plans and claims.

“For every NDIS participant documents have to be captured, organised and managed by the participant, their family or a plan manager,” he says.

“The data we hold is used to make claims on the NDIS portal and they must be kept for audit purposes and plan setting each year.

“With reported weekly document management workload ranging from 30 minutes to 5 hours, simplifying this could save the NDIS program up to $500,000,000 per year in administrative cost claims.

“These are funds better spent on providing actual care than paying people to organise documents.”

Central to their thinking is that the documents are owned by the person they relate to and should be securely shared with anyone who is helping them manage their disability or NDIS plan.

“If changes are made to their carers, providers or plan managers, they do not lose any of their important documents or have to change how they collect and manage their documents,” Mr Freney says.

“This means there is greater freedom to change and optimise their care team over time.”

CareDocs will be available as a mobile App and website making it incredibly easy to collect

documents that are provided by email, hardcopy or through the Government’s My Health Record into one place, manage them in a way that Mr Freney says makes the NDIS easier to manage and securely share them.

“Security of these documents is critical as they have important private information in them,” he says.

“CareDocs will use encryption and best practice security  to ensure the highest level of protection and only people that should be able to have access can access them.

“With all care related documents securely stored in a central location that can be shared, the quality of care can be improved as the doctors, carers and family members that need documents can access them.”

CareDocs is preparing for a soft launch in January 2018 and is looking for up to 500 people to help refine the product to meet the specific needs of NDIS participants and their carers or plan managers.

Interested people can sign up at https://www.caredocs.com.au/?s… If you are an NDIS participant the cost of CareDocs can be claimed from the NDIS.