Tasmanian disability provider launches State’s first dog-assisted therapy program

Tags Therapies Posted 4 days ago

Tasmanian disability provider Kites Children’s Therapy has launched the State’s first dog-assisted therapy progra… Read more

Eight sensory Christmas crafts for kids

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Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates a child's senses: touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight an… Read more

New educational video highlights role of occupational therapists ahead of National OT Week

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A new educational video highlighting the work of occupational therapists has been released by National Disability Ins… Read more

ROYAL COMMISSION: An overuse of medications and restrictive practices

Tags NDIS Therapies User Stories Accessibility Posted 3 months ago by Rebecca St Clair

The Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability held hearings, running … Read more

Speech Pathology Week shines a light on ‘hidden’ disability

Tags Conditions Therapies Posted 4 months ago by Rebecca St Clair

Across Australia, there are 1.2 million people living with some form of communication disability, which statistics sa… Read more

International students to boost COVID-19 disability and health workforce

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Work restrictions for international students in medical courses are being eased during the COVID-19 crisis to help bo… Read more

Challenges for unpaid carers during COVID-19

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The shift to online for disability services during COVID-19

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COVID-19 measures are changing the way that service providers are delivering support to people with a disability in o… Read more

Funding announced for new pre-term stem cell research

Tags Therapies Research Posted 11 months ago by Rebecca St Clair

Researchers have received €9 million (AUD $14.7 million) in funding to look into preterm births and stem cell resea… Read more

Occupational Therapy Week celebrates the hard work of OT’s

Tags Therapies Posted 1 year ago

SPONSORED STORY - For this year’s Occupational Therapy Week, running from 21 to 27 October, Perth aged care and dis… Read more

Virtual reality device aids stroke recovery

Tags Therapies Posted 2 years ago by Nicole Pope

A virtual reality device is helping rehabilitate people who have had a stroke with modern technology that is also abl… Read more