Adelaide Fringe show the ‘ignition point’ for performers with disability

Posted 3 years ago by Nicole Pope

Ignition Point is three performances rolled into one [Source: Villa Maria Catholic Homes]
Ignition Point is three performances rolled into one [Source: Villa Maria Catholic Homes]

South Australia is once again embracing the return of the Adelaide Fringe Festival and with hundreds of amazing performances within the program, one act is showcasing the talent of people with disability.

Ignition Point, brought to life by No Strings Attached, an internationally acclaimed company fostering the talents of artists and performers with disability, features three theatrical performances within the one hour show.

The performances Soundscape to Our Memories features indigenous and non-indigenous performers and explores early memories including sounds and song.

While Shipwreck puts the cast on a deserted island together and explores the issues faced by such a situation and Small Wondrous Things details the small but beautiful moments and items that make life worth living.

Kym MacKenzie is a performer in the shows Shipwreck and Small Wondrous Things and has been attending No Strings Attached workshops for 21 years.

“I started acting when I went to see a friend of mine at a variety night and I got interested in performing that way.”

Mr MacKenzie says the three performances offer a bit of variety but share a common message.

“They show people in the mainstream world that people with disabilities can get out and do performing.”

“I hope they (the audience) can take away the feelings of the emotions through people’s work.”

No Strings Attached performers are led by multi award-winning Artistic Director Alirio Zavarce.

You can buy tickets to Ignition Point on the Adelaide Fringe website.