Baptist Care SA, accommodating client needs in housing

Posted 3 years ago by Rebecca St Clair
“Sometimes, temporary accommodation must be found until a long-term solution is found.” (Source: Supplied)
“Sometimes, temporary accommodation must be found until a long-term solution is found.” (Source: Supplied)

SPONSORED STORY – Everyone deserves a comfortable, safe place to live. It is usually the first step in their journey towards independent living. But finding the right disability housing and meeting someone’s individual needs can often be a challenge. 

While it can be a stressful time for clients, there are ways to help ease the stress of transitioning to a new way of living, and South Australian Disability Service Provider Baptist Care SA is committed to helping people with disability find a safe place to call home so they can live life to the fullest. 

There are a number of reasons people living with disability may need to move or transition to a different way of living. They may need to move from a parent or guardian’s home into their own place, need a new place to stay because their current lease is coming to an end or they are simply unhappy in their current situation. 

In some cases, accommodation needs to be found urgently because they are being discharged from a hospital or facility and have nowhere to live.

According to Baptist Care SA’s Lisa Farrell-Smart, Senior Manager Disability Pathways, it is important to understand somebody’s housing needs to ensure they are able to receive the housing they want while also meeting their unique needs. 

“[People] often want to be close to their work, shops, or another support network. Some of our younger clients need a home close to their school. And of course, if a client uses a wheelchair to get around, they’ll need a home that is modified and allows easy access. 

“Finding a home that [both] meets these requirements and is available can be a long process. 

“Sometimes, temporary accommodation must be found until a long-term solution is found.”

Transitional Housing is a unique service that Baptist Care SA offers, which means that in emergency situations, someone living with disability will be able to find a temporary home until a more permanent solution is found.  

In some circumstances, there are more needs that need to be met, outside of wanting to be close to certain locations. 

Some people living with disability have challenging behaviours that require special-build homes called ‘Robust Housing’. 

These types of homes are designed and built to be incredibly strong and with features like shatterproof windows, for the protection of the clients and the support workers, who are with them 24/7. 

Clare McMullan, Client Engagement Manager at Baptist Care SA, helps find housing for disadvantaged clients on a daily basis, and she explains that managing these homes has led to a new strategy for the organisation. 

“There is a real shortage of Robust Housing in the Adelaide Metropolitan area. 

“So to help alleviate this gap in the market, Baptist Care SA has developed a Disability Housing Strategy, which includes the building of up to nine new Robust Homes in the next 12 to 18 months to help meet our clients’ needs.” 

Disability housing is a challenge, but one that Baptist Care SA says they are meeting head-on.

“I think the key is in the relationships we have,’ explains Ms Farrell-Smart. 

“The most important relationship is with our client, of course, but over the years, we’ve developed strong ties with the Adelaide disability support network and real estate property managers.”

Baptist Care SA says, disability housing is and will probably always be a challenge, but they will not stray from their desire to support clients to have the best life they can, true to their promise of ‘making life better together’. 

To learn more about Baptist Care SA visit their website or telephone 08 8273 7190.