CareDocs will help streamline the annual NDIS plan review process

Posted 6 years ago by Alexandra Stopford
Streamline your annual NDIS plan review with CareDocs (Source: Shutterstock)
Streamline your annual NDIS plan review with CareDocs (Source: Shutterstock)

SPONSORED STORY – On all accounts, for those accessing it, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can be known as complex and complicated, but thanks to a new service that will soon be available, it could all become a whole lot easier.

CareDocs is a secure and simple way to capture, organise, manage and share NDIS and healthcare related documents and is an important digital solution for those accessing the disability support service and helping their carers.

Creator of CareDocs, Rajat Kulshrestha understands the need and importance for a service like CareDocs, having experienced the NDIS himself through supporting his young daughter on the scheme.

“In February we had the Annual Review for my daughter, who is an NDIS participant, with the planner that sets the budget for the next year for her supports,” Mr Kulshrestha says.

“We are on the self-managed plan as it allows the maximum control of our daughter’s health care needs but it comes with the significantly increased burden of documentation that we need to manage through the year and specifically at the time of the review.”

Sharing his experience of preparing for and the process of the plan review, Mr Kulshrestha says he needed to do the following things:

Collect assessments, service agreements, reports from all doctors, therapists, providers and other organisations on what worked in the current year and recommendations for next year

Get quotes for the above from different vendors and organise them to be uploaded on the NDIS participant portal; some of these requiring very specific templates and need to be classified appropriately

Final invoices from all providers and reconcile this with the portal and claim any outstanding before the next budget kicks in – a tricky exercise that can leave participants out of pocket if they have not been claiming promptly

Name, order and group documents in a way that makes it easy for the planner to quickly understand what it relates to  – remembering they only have limited time to assess the plan, meaning it helps to be organised

Organise all the documents from last year such as invoices, reports and recommendations and get them stored in one place for any potential audits for the future

In his personal experience, Mr Kulshrestha says his plan process took over two months of coordination to make sure they had all the documents collected, organised and classified. A time-consuming challenge he says he hopes to avoid for other carers and families with the introduction of CareDocs.

“No carer or participant should have to take on the burden of this documentation,” he explains.

“There have to be services that make this easier.

“Out of my personal need and knowledge that it would help so many people dealing with the NDIS, I am helping to create CareDocs.

“It will make the management of care related documents simple and easy, thereby streamlining the annual review process.”

CareDocs is preparing for launch and looking for up to 500 people to help refine the product to meet the specific needs of NDIS participants and their carers or plan managers.

Anyone interested in signing up can do so online, and if you are an NDIS participant, the cost of CareDocs can be claimed from the NDIS.