Compass Group setting the standard for diversity

Posted 6 months ago

Compass Group's HR Executive Director Rosie McArdle, Head of Diversity Projects Natasha Caflisch, Ella Cassidy with Assistant Minister for Social Services and Disability Services Jane Prentice.

Giving people with a disability the chance to develop their skills and contribute to a cause has seen Compass Group Australia win a prestigious award.

The food service company, who operate in 480 locations nationwide were honoured with the ‘Employer of the Year Award’ at the 2017 National Disability Awards held in Canberra earlier this month.

Compass Group Head of Diversity Projects Natasha Caflisch says their attitudes towards providing equal opportunity has positively impacted the business.

“When time is taken to match the right candidate with the right role, diversity employment is a win-win for all involved and has produced some unexpected business benefits for Compass, she says.

“Our people derive a lot of satisfaction from being part of a team that supports someone with a disability to gain meaningful employment – which serves to strengthen our company culture of care and respect.”

This year, they employed an additional 77 people who identified as having a disability - partnering with clients to create supportive work environments that enable individuals to excel.

Mrs Caflisch praised the efforts of those involved in the organisation’s ongoing efforts.

 “We’d like to thank the families of our employees with a disability and our clients for the support they have provided, as well as our existing employees for creating an inclusive workplace,” Mrs Caflisch says.

Kitchenhand Graham Reis is one of the many employees whose life has benefited from working with Compass Australia.

“Working for Compass has been a positive experience, the team have been very supportive, this job has really helped me both physically and mentally,” he says.

Mr Reis has an acquired disability following an accident causing injury to his spine and also experiences memory loss, anxiety and depression since the incident.

He attributes his improvements in all of his conditions to the opportunity to work with the organisation for the past 18 months.

Meredith Cassidy is pleased to see her daughter Ella, who has down syndrome, spend her time productively.

“Without this opportunity Ella would be sitting at home watching DVD’s, it’s connected her to community and given her a sense of purpose,” Mrs Cassidy says.

Ella has been working as a food and beverage attendant for Eurest (a brand of Compass Group) for the last two years.

Compass Group were one of five winners at the national awards in celebration of this year’s International Day of People with Disability.

Other award recipients include Catia Malaquias (Western Australia), AbilityMate (New South Wales), University of Sydney - Centre of Disability Studies and Sue Salthouse of Australian Capital Territory.

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