Fearless Australians smash disability stereotypes in new film series

Posted 3 years ago by Emily Erickson
Fearless Films Season 2 premieres on Thursday, 3 December – International Day of People with Disability [Source: Feros Care].
Fearless Films Season 2 premieres on Thursday, 3 December – International Day of People with Disability [Source: Feros Care].

Six short films showcasing fearless Australians living with disability premiered on International Day of People with Disability on Thursday 3rd December.

Fearless Films Season 2 is a collaboration between Feros Care and Screenworks that aspires to challenge traditional views around the lives of people with disability. 

The mission of Fearless Films is to prove that anyone can be fearless – regardless of age or ability. This collection of short films amplifies the voices of people with disability and strives for broader representation of disability in our culture.

From a young man living with Down syndrome determined to compete in a gruelling CrossFit event, to a fully trained chef who just happens to be legally deaf and blind, the films are designed to shatter stereotypes and broaden the representation of disability on screen.

Fearless Films Season 2 will feature:

The Team – Canberra teen Michael Foster shares his journey with cerebral palsy, his love of the sport Power Chair and the support provided by his team at home – his family.

“Being fearless doesn’t mean I’m not scared of anything, it means if you find something you are scared of, you’re willing and ready to overcome it,” Michael says. 

Sam I Am – Sam Stubbs, who lives with Down syndrome, decides to compete in the Battle of Benton – a tough CrossFit event attracting athletes from all over New South Wales – where he will be the only participant with a disability.

The Incidental Blacksmith – In a backyard forge, Barnaby Lund spends hours meticulously creating his own bush knives with hammer, tongs and steel-practising the forgotten art of blacksmithing. Based in the Northern Rivers, both Barney and his wife have a lived experience of deafness.

On Track – the inspiring story of Alex Eves, a female athlete whose determination and persistence helped her overcome a catastrophic car accident. Based in Dubbo, the 31-year-old is now on the journey to rebuilding her life as a sprinter.  

“My aim at the moment is to come to the Paralympics. Eventually then maybe become the next Australian top athlete,” she says.

“There’s a reason why I survived, and I can see why now – it was to share my story, to not give up, and to help others with disability.”

Golden Sails – a portrait of a 19-year-old woman who has sailed through life guided by a humbling and fearless outlook. With early intervention, Chelseann’s hidden autism spectrum disorder has crafted unique life experiences through her passion for sport and disability awareness. 

“If I can be open about my disability and my struggles, then other people might realise that it’s not just them.”

Plating Blind – “The Hurricane Chef” Nate Quinell is a fully trained chef who also happens to be legally deaf and blind. But that’s never stopped him chasing his culinary dreams and becoming an inspiration to many. His motto is ‘follow your dreams, believe in yourself, and never ever give up’.

Feros Care and Screenworks are hosting a special Facebook event to celebrate the Fearless Films Season 2 premiere on Thursday, 3 December. You can join in here.

For more information, visit the Feros Care website.