Fresh rehab service boost for Australians

Posted 6 years ago by Andrew Lodiong

Health industry experts believe Australians will soon have a greater access to vital rehab services with the rollout of two major schemes.

Much needed rehabilitation services will be offered as part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and National Injury Insurance Scheme (NISS) which are being introduced progressively nationwide.

The Hopkins Centre, Research for Rehabilitation and Resilience Director Elizabeth Kendall says the schemes present “fresh hope” to the situation in Australia.

“These schemes are an incredible opportunity for people to receive lifelong access to the rehabilitation and disability support services that they really need,” she says.

“With an improved focus on evidence-based rehabilitation, there is great scope for interventions and supports that can take patients through the rest of their life.”

The Hopkins Centre is a joint initiative of Griffith University and Brisbane’s Metro South Health Service, focussed on improving disability and rehabilitation practices, service delivery and systems by developing, translating and implementing interdisciplinary research evidence about real world problems.

It hosted its very first international research symposium on 14 November where evidence was be presented about how rehabilitation makes a difference at every stage of recovery.

Professor Kendall believes it’s important to get a proper rehab system in place in order to maximise results.

“Even with the current focus on fantastic medical breakthroughs and new technology, we know that these cannot work without good rehabilitation systems in place,” she says.

At the symposium, Griffith researchers Dr Pat Dorsett and Dr Vanette McLennan showcased the positive feedback from a trial of ‘Back2Work,’ an early in-reach vocational rehabilitation program in partnership with Spinal Life Australia