In a time of strict regulation, OnePassport® Immunise simplifies record keeping

Posted 3 years ago by Rebecca St Clair
“Immunise was designed to be easy to use and hard to break,”explained OnePassport CEO, Michael Maher. (iStock)
“Immunise was designed to be easy to use and hard to break,”explained OnePassport CEO, Michael Maher. (iStock)

SPONSORED STORY – The current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone, but none more so than those who are vulnerable to the coronavirus, like people with disability, which is why many disability workers need to keep on top of relevant immunisations to protect their clients. 

National compliance management company, OnePassport®, has a new immunisation register called Immunise, that can hold all the immunisation records of disability workers, which can be passed on to their employer to ensure all staff are cleared to work with people with disability.

At the moment, flu vaccinations are either mandatory or highly encouraged for health and support workers, and aged care workers have to have a recent flu vaccination to be able to enter a nursing home to care for residents, including older people or young people with disability.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OnePassport, Michael Maher, is the Managing Director of the Aged, Community and Disability Network (ACDN) and has worked within the aged care and disability sector since 2010, so he understands the issues that the sector faces when it comes to managing staff immunisations and meeting compliance requirements.

“Disability care is a low margin industry with a lot of people moving around and a lot of compliance,” says Mr Maher.

“Nowadays, having a flu shot and negative COVID-19 response, each employer is trying to manage all of those things. But they are all short on admin staff, they are all short on time and money. It seems a bit crazy. Five years ago, I wondered how we could track one employee across multiple employers at the one time. That was where the company started from. 

“In a heavily regulated and fragmented industry like aged care, community care and disability, it made more sense to be able to give the individual a mobile personal record, or Passport, that they carried around and shared with their employers.”

OnePassport is a management system for employer records covering qualifications, training and immunisations. 

The recent creation of Immunise can track all workers immunisations, including the what, when and where of these vaccinations, through uploading the documentation, which then can be shared with multiple employers concurrently.

Disability support providers also have the benefit of being able to easily manage the records of all of their employees and their immunisations in one place. Immunise also has automated alerts for staff that need to be revaccinated, helping staff to keep on top of their own health responsibilities.

Now, more than ever, OnePassport’s Immunise can be hugely effective for disability support providers that are burdened with the strain of infection control but don’t want the added stress of immunisation administration.

“In disability, we find that a lot of the people we work with are frequently clinical not human resources (HR) people. So Immunise was designed to be easy to use and hard to break,” explains Mr Maher.

“Immunise allows for carers to go to their doctor and get a flu shot or have a COVID test and get that negative response, and they can upload it into the system themselves and share it to the employer. It helps employers to track everything.”

There is a third party involved with OnePassport that verifies the validity of the documents that disability support workers provide.

OnePassport Immunise has a free app for disability support workers available in the Android Google Play and Apple iStore, which compiles all their health related records. Or providers can sign up for an annual subscription to the service.

For information about OnePassport’s Immunise, head to their website.