Inclusivity at its finest: Royal Adelaide Show’s commitment to disability inclusion

Posted 8 months ago by Andrew Barbara
Have you picked out your showbags yet? [Source: Shutterstock]
Have you picked out your showbags yet? [Source: Shutterstock]

It’s the greatest variety show in town!

The Royal Adelaide Show has captured the hearts of thousands, offering a vibrant celebration of agriculture, entertainment and community each year. One hallmark of this event is its dedication to inclusivity, particularly concerning individuals with disabilities and additional needs. 

The Royal Adelaide Show has continued to exemplify its commitment to ensuring that everyone can enjoy the festivities to the fullest through a range of thoughtfully designed facilities and services.


Accessible toilets and change facilities

For attendees with disabilities, parents with young children and those with additional needs, the Royal Adelaide Show takes pride in its provision of accessible and special needs toilets.

These facilities are strategically located across the Showgrounds — situated at the Goyder and Jubilee Pavilion foyers, the Atrium, Ridley Centre (Market Bazaar), the Dog Pavilion, and adjacent Stirling Angas Hall. These spaces aren’t exclusively for people with disabilities; they also extend to parents with young children, making them an invaluable resource for families.

The Royal Adelaide Show understands the diverse needs of families and individuals and equipped all accessible and special needs toilets with fold-down baby change tables. Furthermore, permanent changing tables are available in both the Northern Jubilee Pavilion and Atrium parenting rooms, providing convenient solutions for caregivers, should the need arise.

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SACARE’s Carer’s Lounge

The inclusive efforts extend to caregivers as well — the Show features the SACARE’s Carer’s Lounge, located in the Villi’s Dog Pavilion foyer. This specialised accessible bathroom facility was designed to meet the needs of both caregivers and those with disability. The Lounge is equipped with a height-adjustable change table and hoist, as well as a separate accessible toilet. These provisions have enabled caregivers and people with disability to tend to their personal needs hygienically and comfortably, emphasising the Show’s dedication to inclusivity.


Companion Cards and accessibility

To ensure that attendees with disability can fully participate in the Royal Adelaide Show, the event accepts the Companion Card. This Card will offer free entry to people accompanying a person with a disability, allowing for a more seamless and enjoyable experience for both.

In terms of physical accessibility, the Showgrounds are designed with inclusivity in mind; ramps and lifts ensure that all areas of the venue are accessible and wheelchair-friendly toilets are conveniently located throughout the site. Disabled parking bays are also available, enhancing the overall accessibility of the Showgrounds.


Catering for all dietary requirements

The Royal Adelaide Show has recognised  the importance of catering to diverse dietary needs, with a wide range of catering options available, the Show ensures that vegetarians, vegans and individuals with gluten-free or dairy-free diets have ample choices. These options are clearly indicated on menus, making it easier for attendees to select food that aligns with their dietary preferences.


Wheelchair viewing areas and mobility services

For those who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters, the Royal Adelaide Show offers optimal viewing platforms. Wheelchair viewing platforms are strategically located at both the Public Grandstand and Members Grandstand areas, as well as the Villi’s Dog Pavilion. These platforms ensure that individuals with disabilities can enjoy the Show’s world-class entertainment comfortably. Additionally, the Goyder Stage and Boulevard Stage have provided ample space for those in wheelchairs to enjoy performances.


Mobility scooters, wheelchair and stroller hire

Recognising that mobility aids were essential for many attendees, the Royal Adelaide Show has offered guests a fleet of mobility scooter for hire. These scooters can be hired for a fee and can be collected at the designated collection point, with wheelchair and stroller hire services also available at the Show. A deposit, refundable upon return, will be required for these services, making them accessible and convenient for those in need.

The Royal Adelaide Show’s dedication to disability inclusion has continued to set a commendable example for large-scale event organisers through accessible facilities, dedicated parenting rooms, respite locations and comprehensive services. The Show has ensured that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can participate and enjoy all that the event has to offer. This commitment to inclusivity not only enhances the Show’s reputation but also creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all attendees.