Mable launches support campaign for over 12,000 workers

Posted 10 months ago by David McManus
Profit-for-purpose platform Mable’s new campaign, ‘My Kind of Independence’ focuses on empowering aged and disability care support workers. (Source: Supplied)
Profit-for-purpose platform Mable’s new campaign, ‘My Kind of Independence’ focuses on empowering aged and disability care support workers. (Source: Supplied)

With a single question guiding the campaign, the team at Mable are clearly resonating with audiences across the country and in the sector…

Key points:

  • The campaign highlights the power of going your own way for older Aussies, people with disabilities and more than 12,000 support workers who use the platform for care services
  • Mable wants people who use the platform to know that independence doesn’t mean isolation — find what works for you, including how to work with others
  • Over 13 million support hours have been booked on Mable

Mable’s ‘My Kind of Independence’ campaign kick-starts a wave of support for the supporters and clients who found a personality-driven connection in disability and aged care work.

“What’s your kind of independence?” the new advertisement asks.

Cast member, Motivational Speaker and Founder of Stay True Be You, Moustafa Ardati, says he loves the campaign because it aligns with how he lives his life.

“I feel that if you believe in yourself and stay true to who you are, anything is possible. For me, that is doing what you love. Literally all the lines in the campaign, I’m like, agree, agree, agree,” says Moustafa.

Mable’s Head of Marketing, Guillaume Papillon, explains that Mable had a unique opportunity through the campaign to show the individuality of everyone’s story and the diverse range of needs catered for through the Mable platform.

“We saw this as an opportunity to truly champion independence for people with disability, older Australians and support workers. So, it was important for us to find a brand platform that placed people at the centre of our creative and messaging and celebrated the uniqueness of everyone’s independence,” says Guillaume.

The campaign comes at a time when, according to Mable’s Chief Growth Officer (CGO) Matthew Cavalier, the business needed to demonstrate just how important the platform was in ensuring people with disability and older Australians maintained their independence.

“The new branding is about differentiating Mable and demonstrating how the needs of a person with a disability differ from those of an older Australian or a support worker. On Mable, there’s no one-size fits all approach with the agreements between a support worker and client being completely bespoke based on the two parties coming together in alignment on their individual needs and goals, says Mr Cavalier.

“This campaign showcases the stories of our customers — clients and support workers — about their kind of independence and what independence means to them.”

In the 30-second video, one support worker says of Mable, it’s about “choosing a client who rocks”. At the same time, renowned Australian drummer and educator Andrew Hewitt, also born with cerebral palsy, absolutely shreds it on the drums.

The campaign will appear on TV, broadcast video-on-demand, out-of-home, radio and social media, and content sponsorships in audio and cinema. As part of the campaign, the platform is sponsoring sensory screenings in cinemas, which are available for families with specific sensory needs, such as dimmed lights and softening volume levels.