National Week of Deaf People celebrated again

Posted 6 years ago by Andrew Lodiong

Education, discussions, and fun are just some of the things part of this year’s National Week of Deaf People (NWDP).

Initiated by national advocacy group Deaf Australia, the occasion provides an opportunity for deaf people and the wider community to recognise achievements, raise awareness and more.

Deaf Australia encourages groups and individuals to host events such as festival day/expo’s, workshops, forums and film nights during the national week.

Each year, NWDP begins on the third Saturday of October and ends the following Friday, with the 2017 week running from 21-27 October.

Deaf Can:Do manager of client services Debbie Kennewell feels the weeklong event is having a positive impact on the deaf community in Australia

“It is a great way to promote better understanding and awareness of deaf australians as a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) community with their own language, history and culture, which is fascinating and imbued with an independent, never-say-die spirit,” she says.

“It also gives the community the opportunity to meet, celebrate, discuss and share their stories, language, ideas and contributions both within and outside of their community.”

The not-for-profit organisation operating in South Australia (SA) has been supporting NWDP for a number of years.

Mrs Kennewell says celebrating this year has had extra significance for Deaf Can:Do.

“This year is particularly significant for us, as we decided to expand our events program and provide a platform to showcase some of our longstanding initiatives in order to promote better awareness about deaf history, culture, and the deaf community,” she explains.

They took the opportunity to recognise and award our annual Deaf Youth Leadership Scholarship winners at a formal ceremony on October 23 with the SA Governor Hon. Hieu Van Le.

Can:Do also hosted a couple of larger and accessible format events which included a community barbeque, tour of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, and group events at popular retail and entertainment locations.