New resource to boost financial independence

Posted 4 years ago by Nicole Pope
The resource aims to help people with intellectual disability become more financially independent [Source: Shutterstock]
The resource aims to help people with intellectual disability become more financially independent [Source: Shutterstock]

People with living intellectual disability can learn how to manage their own finances and make monetary decisions with the help of a new online resource.

Supporting Financial Decisions has been developed by Aged and Disability Advocacy (ADA) Australia, to address the barrier people with disability often face in making independent financial decisions.

The resource contains a selection of videos using real stories from people who have become more financially independent, to help educate on the rights of an individual, the responsibilities of financial supporters and how to find services and resources that further develop these lifelong skills.

Chief Executive Officer of ADA Australia, Geoff Rowe, says the organisation identified a need for adults with intellectual disability to be given the opportunity to learn their rights and to be involved in their financial management and decisions. 

“Providing appropriate support to an adult is very important to allow them to be as independent as possible and to allow them to learn new skills, make mistakes and to feel included,” Mr Rowe says.

“These resources can start the conversation for people to be recognised as having human rights and [they] will assist these adults to learn their rights; such as the right to be treated like everyone else.

“They will also assist them to tell other people in their world about appropriate support. Often people find it very difficult to say what they want and are scared to complain about things.

“[It will] also help people know other places to get more information.”

Supporting Financial Decisions was developed following consultations with adults with intellectual disability, Financial Counsellors Australia, Public Trustee, Public Advocate, Public Guardian, Carers Queensland and a community support organisation to help create relevant scenarios and questions for the videos.

It was launched on 6 August 2019 and is proudly supported by Ecstra Foundation, a non-for-profit dedicated to building the financial capacity of all Australians. 

The videos are freely available on YouTube and closed caption versions are also available.

You can find the resource by clicking here.