Nothing is too much trouble for Community Concierge SA

Posted 4 years ago by Nicole Pope

The friendly CCSA team have been offering their valued concierge services since 2011 [Source: CBS]
The friendly CCSA team have been offering their valued concierge services since 2011 [Source: CBS]

SPONSORED STORY - Businesses within an iconic Adelaide building can get their favourite shirt dry cleaned or a taxi booked for an important meeting, all with a friendly smile thanks to a unique social enterprise providing employment opportunities for South Australians with disability.

Operating for over seven years, the Community Concierge SA (CCSA) team at the JLL building in the city, is a success story of Community of Bridging Services (CBS Inc.), delivering valuable concierge services to its tenants whilst helping South Australians with disability reach their full potential.

After previously providing their concierge services in the Aurora building on Pirie Street for six years, CCSA moved to the JLL building on Grenfell Street in April.

The team are fully qualified with training in concierge services, first aid and security and all uphold the motto, “because nothing is too much trouble.”

CCSA offer a range of value-adding services including greeting tenants, providing directions, facilitating bookings, security, promotion of businesses within the building, hazard management, organising taxi bookings, pick up and drop off of dry cleaning, courier services and resolving issues or complaints.

CBS Inc. and CCSA Founder and Executive Director Freddie Brincat (OAM) says when he first established CCSA he knew CBS Inc. had the perfect candidates who were both trained in concierge services at TAFE SA and held a security certification.

“Over time CCSA is proving to be a truly specialised local solution providing respectful services to clients who are the focus at all times - it’s an innovative local solution and a point of different to our customers.” Mr Brincat says.

The service has also been commended by tenants of the JLL building.

“I’m hearing nothing but good things about the concierge and they seem to fit in here so naturally,” Simon Bruno from JLL says.

One of CBS Inc.’s longest standing staff member Ilona Carr has worked with CCSA since 2014 and has proudly watched it grow into what it is today.

Ms Carr is the face of the building, working as a Senior Concierge Officer. In this role she is responsible for all operations, including the running of day-to-day shifts and training and mentoring new staff members.

“I think that we have made positive changes to the culture of the building,” she says.  

“People are now starting to feel as though they can rely on us which is wonderful.”

She says there is a high confidentiality and professionalism required by many of the businesses operating within the walls of the JLL building and she has enjoyed building a rapport and level of trust with the tenants.

However, CCSA not only benefits the businesses it serves, but also the people at the very heart of the concierge.

“CCSA opens doors that wouldn't otherwise be opened for people.”

“It builds up some amazing self confidence and opens their minds to how much we can actually achieve.”

Ms Carr says the four staff members at CCSA enjoy working as a team everyday.

“We all complement each other and work off each other's strengths.”

CCSA’s concierge services are competitively priced with its profits supporting other Australians looking for long-term employment.

CBS Inc. is a South Australian not-for-profit organisation is dedicated to helping people with disability achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

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