The 82 organisations looking to hire you — Inclusion at Work Week 2023

Posted 8 months ago by David McManus
Who made the cut for Australia’s Inclusive Employer Index? [Source: Shutterstock]
Who made the cut for Australia’s Inclusive Employer Index? [Source: Shutterstock]

Diversity Council Australia has revealed which employers earned a spot on the Inclusive Employers Index this year!

Key points:

  • 82 employers were included in Australia’s Inclusive Employer Index
  • Diversity Council Australia’s second annual ‘Inclusion at Work Week’ spans November 6 – 10, 2023
  • Research from DCA revealed that members of inclusive teams were more than twice as likely to work hard


The 2023 – 2024 Inclusive Employer Index, released by Diversity Council Australia ahead of ‘Inclusion at Work Week,’ listed a record-breaking number of employers committed to inclusive and diverse workplaces.

A total of 82 organisations were included in the IEI based on an in-depth performance review, completed by employees in the form of a survey, to map their commitment to and development of inclusive workplaces.

Of the 3,000,000 Australians actively looking for work, the numbers are stacked against people with disability as employers have been slow to adopt and value diversity at work — despite the apparent benefits.

However, 31 percent of organisations have reported that they can’t find workers to fill jobs, according to DCA

Extensive research by DCA found an inclusive workplace can significantly increase performance, well-being and innovation, as diverse teams were:

  • Three times less likely to leave their organisation
  • Over twice as likely to work hard
  • Nearly 10 times more likely to be innovative
  • Four times more likely to provide excellent customer service


DCA Chief Executive Officer Lisa Annese said that she was delighted to reveal the organisations that made the list.

“We know that inclusion has significant benefits for both employers and employees. DCA’s Inclusive Employers Index is a rigorous process that reveals the state of inclusion and diversity across participating organisations,” the CEO said.

“It’s an opportunity for workplaces to show their commitment to inclusion, reflect on their achievements and identify ways to do even better.

“Recognition as an inclusive employer means your organisation is doing the necessary work to create a welcoming and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.”

Representatives from organisations that were recognised through their inclusion on the IEI spoke about how their commitment had facilitated growth, change and a positive outcome for their performance.


Paramount+ and Paramount ANZ Executive Vice Presidents Beverley McGarvey and Jarrod Villani, respectively, expressed their appreciation.

“Inclusion permeates every aspect of our business from the content we feature on our platforms and channels through to our team members at Paramount Australia,” the representatives said, in a joint statement shared with DCA.

“We’re very proud to be recognised as an inclusive employer and know that nurturing a diverse team is not only the right thing to do, but also has a positive impact on our business promoting well-being and a positive work environment that boosts productivity.”


John Deere Limited ANZ Managing Director Luke Chandler said the IEI survey had provided the business with valuable insights into the various ways that they can improve as a company.

“Achieving inclusive employer status through Diversity Council Australia for the third year in a row is an incredibly proud moment for John Deere,” said Mr Chandler.

“An inclusive workplace is not the result of the actions of one, but the actions of many.”


The full list is available on the Diversity Council Australia website

Is your workplace inclusive enough to make the cut? Let the team at Talking Disability know what you believe ‘diversity’ looks like at work!