Uber announces subsidised trips for people with accessibility needs in Victoria

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Posted 1 year ago

The new Uber MPTP subsidy covers 50 percent of the cost of eligible participants’ trips up to $60. [Source: iStock]
The new Uber MPTP subsidy covers 50 percent of the cost of eligible participants’ trips up to $60. [Source: iStock]

Victorians with disability and accessibility needs now have more subsidised transport options due to a partnership between Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) and rideshare service Uber.

In an Australian first, members of the Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) can now use Uber to take subsidised trips.

The partnership is part of the Victorian Government and CPVV’s commitment to expand the MPTP to include rideshare services, as well as taxis.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CPVV, Aaron de Rozario, says Victorians with accessibility needs should be able to access a range of commercial passenger vehicles, just like anyone else in the community. 

“This means being able to choose the type of service that meets their individual needs and lifestyle,” says Mr de Rozario.

“This partnership with Uber gives MPTP members more options and, importantly, choice for their individual travel needs. With access to work, study and leisure activities, members can be active citizens, which in turn supports the economic growth of Victoria.

“The Victorian Government is committed to providing more accessible services across the transport network. This means looking for new ways to deliver services, and this partnership is a great example of innovation.”

The announcement of this partnership comes after a successful trial launched in Geelong in early 2020. Despite COVID-19 related shutdowns throughout the trial, participants took more than 170 trips. They gave the service a perfect 5.0 satisfaction rating.

The MPTP subsidy covers 50 percent of the cost of eligible participants’ trips up to $60. The subsidy is automatically applied to the upfront price shown to the MPTP member before they request a trip through the Uber app. It remains applied until their subsidy is exhausted.

This gives travellers more certainty about the cost of a trip before they book. It also removes the need to use physical cards on each trip to deduct the balance.

How Uber’s MPTP subsidy works:

  1. If you don’t have the Uber app yet, download it to your smartphone. If you already have it, you’re all set.

  2. To join the program, you first need to complete this form. Make sure you include the email address that is connected to your Uber account and have your MPTP member card number handy.

  3. Enter your destination on the Uber app.

  4. Request a ride via UberX – or use Uber Assist for additional service getting into and out of the vehicle. Members can also choose UberXL, Uber Comfort, or Uber Premier.

  5. The 50 percent discount will automatically be factored into your trip up to $60. You will be shown the total amount for the trip at time of request. Your subsidy will continue to apply as long as you have a balance remaining under the MPTP program.

The Multi Purpose Taxi Program Expansion Project started in 2017. It aims to make commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) services more accessible, give more choice to passengers with accessibility needs, and increase competition and innovation in the accessibility point to point market.

Taxi dispatch system, Net-Cabs (trading as Oiii), completed a successful trial in 2018. The company now offers MPTP services to members in the metropolitan Melbourne area.

Any booking service provider can express interest to CPVV in offering MPTP services by visiting their website. If you don’t have a Victorian MPTP card, Victorians can apply for one here.