Talking Disability

The latest health and disability news in Australia

Pet dogs proved to help intellectual disability community

Posted 4 years ago

If you thought dogs only offer joy and companionship to humans, think again. Read more

Equality in question after disability related complaints rise

Posted 4 years ago

More and more people are lodging complaints on the grounds of disability discrimination putting the issues back into the... Read more

New bank cards to assist vision impaired

Posted 4 years ago

Banking for the vision impaired has been made a little easier with the introduction of a new wave of debit and credit... Read more

Fresh rehab service boost for Australians

Posted 4 years ago

Health industry experts believe Australians will soon have a greater access to vital rehab services with the rollout of... Read more

Benchmark set for inclusive play spaces

Posted 4 years ago

Catering for children of all abilities at playgrounds could become a nationwide trend with new standards being set by... Read more

New initiative aims to better represent people with disability in workforce

Posted 4 years ago

A concept bringing employers and people with a disability together for a day could be another solution in reducing... Read more

Siblings important part of disability care

Posted 4 years ago

A disability doesn’t only affect the person living with the condition, it also affects the people around them. Read more

DPS launches resource to ease frustrations of navigating disability options

Posted 4 years ago

DPS Publishing has joined the conversation surrounding disability with the launch of two new online platforms and plans... Read more

Discrimination claims against Australia’s education system

Posted 4 years ago

No gold star has been branded on Australia’s education system with large number of children with disabilities reported... Read more

Organisations collaborate to help breakdown barriers for autism employees

Tags Autism Posted 4 years ago

Four organisations have joined forces in a bid to pioneer a way to help people on the autism spectrum face challenges in... Read more

More employment for people with disabilities the goal

Posted 4 years ago

Australians living with a disability are more likely to be able to find work as organisations step up their efforts to... Read more

Dignity Party secures $41m for mental health and disability programs

Posted 4 years ago

Mental health and disability initiatives in South Australia (SA) will be boosted by $41.5 million in funding over four... Read more

National Week of Deaf People celebrated again

Posted 4 years ago

Education, discussions, and fun are just some of the things part of this year's National Week of Deaf People (NWDP). Read more

Occupational therapists put in spotlight during recognition week

Posted 4 years ago

They do it for the love of it, and this week there is a recognition for the difference occupational therapists are... Read more

NDIA open latest ILC grant round

Posted 4 years ago

NDIA has opened it’s latest Information, Linkages and Capacity Building grant round which will see a greater share of... Read more

Disability carers backed after funding announcement

Posted 4 years ago

Disability and aged carers in South Australia (SA) will receive further support following the announcement on October 24... Read more

New online disability network launched

Posted 4 years ago

A new online social network designed for people with disabilities, their families, friends and carers is now available. Read more

Concern for carers over ‘sandwich caring’

Posted 4 years ago

A number of Australians are finding themselves part of a growing trend called ‘sandwich caring’ as they balance caring... Read more

Commission calls for change although costs on track

Posted 4 years ago

A report released by The Productivity Commission comes with a number of recommendations after it was revealed that a... Read more