NDIS providers

Use this page to find a full list of service providers in different sections for each State and Territory.

NDIS provider list

On this page you’ll find a full list of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) registered providers by State and Territory in different sections: Therapists & Specialists, In Home & Community Support, Accommodation, Advisors, Equipment & Technology and Mental Health in PDF format.

These directory tables also include a number of service providers not listed with the NDIS but who can still deliver support services if your NDIS plan is plan managed or self managed, or if you are paying for services yourself.

The Core, Capital, Capacity support tables lists registered NDIS providers in alphabetical order, detailing whether they provide Core, Capital or Capacity building supports under NDIS. They'll also detail in what specific tables these providers are listed for you to find out more detailed information about the services they deliver.

A condensed list is displayed in the printed DPS Guide to Disability Support publication for that State or Territory and the information displayed was accurate and complete at the time of printing. Order your printed copy under the Disability Support heading on DPS shop.

How to read the tables

Queensland provider lists

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Tasmania provider lists

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Victoria provider lists

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Western Australia provider lists

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