User Stories

Hearing other people's experiences of living with disability can inspire you to live your life to the fullest and show you what supports and goals are possible. 

Quadriplegic mum continues her adventures thanks to NDIS funds

After an accident left self-confessed adventurer Joanna Fowler with a spinal cord injury, the Brisbane mum-of-two is using her National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to continue exploring.

Young student with disability begins life changing work

Caelan has big dreams in the automotive industry. Known by all around him for having an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things cars and racing, the STEPS Pathways College student wants to one day be an automotive journalist.

Natasha builds confidence while staying true to herself in the ‘perfect' workplace

If you told Natasha Ricks a few years ago that she’d be working in customer service and talking to people on the phone every day, she wouldn’t have believed you.

Early intervention is the key to building confidence

For children living with autism, receiving the right kind of support gives them the opportunity to learn the skills they need to achieve and succeed in life.

The right ingredients for a happy household

On Monday evenings, you’ll find housemates Dale, Tim, Josh and Paul winding down from work, preparing dinner, and getting ready for the latest episode of Masterchef.

Regaining independence and back to enjoying life

Getting the right support and making small changes to everyday living can mean the difference between an isolated life full of struggles and the road to independence.

Jordin “flourishes” in supported independent living

Whether it's out in the community, with friends at his local Community Hub, or at home with his house mate, Jordin's independence has flourished in 2020.

Perseverance and personalised support the perfect mix for Eli

Eli is 16 years old and lives with no working memory, meaning he has trouble holding on to information.  He has flooded the bathroom and nearly burned down the family kitchen. And now he is well on the way to achieving some big dreams.

Finding passion and purpose for Nick

Nick Palmer is living life on his terms. On his living room wall is a photo of him sitting on a Harley with a black helmet and boots. It’s surrounded by photos of his family, friends and adventures from Perth to Tamworth. His yoga mat is on the floor and his bowling gear is in the cupboard.

Natalie’s story: Representing Australia in wheelchair basketball

Proving that a disability doesn’t have to hold you back in chasing the sporting dream, 28 year old Natalie is waiting to find out if she will be selected for the 2021 Tokyo Paralympic Games.