Jordin “flourishes” in supported independent living


Whether it’s out in the community, with friends at his local Community Hub, or at home with his house mate, Jordin’s independence has flourished over the last few years.

Jordin’s sister Amy says it has all been made possible with the help of high needs disability support organisation, Multicap.

“Jordin is non-verbal and if he wasn’t happy, I would know,” Amy says.

“He’s always excited to go back to his home and it’s been like that since the beginning when he first trialled Supported Independent Living (SIL) at a Multicap house five years ago.”

Prior to moving into the Brisbane SIL, Jordin had been living with Amy and her young family. 

Trusting Multicap to provide a stable home life for Jordin, Amy couldn’t be happier with the result.

“This is the first time Jordin has lived away from home without family. It was a nerve-wracking decision for me but to see him getting along with his house mate and the support staff is comforting. He has his own life now,” Amy says.

“Moving out of home with Multicap has given him the independence he may not have had otherwise.”

When Jordin’s not at home, he’s a regular at Multicap’s Eight Mile Plains Hub and gets out into the community with his support worker every week. He’s also involved in Multicap’s Self-Advocacy Network.

“He loves being outdoors and in the community, particularly shopping,” Amy says.

“Anything with people. He makes people feel good with his infectious smile and he loves a good joke. Everyone who meets Jordin falls in love with him.”

Multicap provides a wide range of individualised support services for people living with disability across Queensland and northern New South Wales, and specialises in high and complex needs.

Their services span a range of areas including home and wellbeing, community and lifestyle, education and employment, creative arts, transport, positive behaviour support, and much more.

Find out more about Multicap and their support services by visiting their website or calling 1300 135 886.

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