Case study – using passions and identity to create personalised resources


It’s less about talking and more about listening, discovering and creating personalised supports, when describing the work of Cara’s Specialist Services Team.

The team of developmental educators work alongside children and adults with disabilities to discover what motivates and inspires them. Specialist Services facilitators then use that information to build the creative resources which support our customers to get the most out of life.

Take Adam, pictured with one of his custom resources. Adam is sports mad, so it made sense to use his passion for sports such as 8-Ball and AFL to create resources to support Adam in improving his awareness and identity.

Adam’s Specialist Services facilitator worked alongside Adam to create a resource based on an 8-Ball table, to manage Adam’s intake of sugary and highly caffeinated drinks. By using his 8-Ball chart, Adam’s efforts and positive choices are acknowledged in a way that is meaningful and motivating to him.

Using resources like “Adam’s Bar” means that Adam is in control of his choices, and it has proven to be a fun and engaging way for Adam and his support workers to be kicking goals together.

Cara’s Specialist Services Team can create resources to support people with disability, their families and friends, to enhance any aspect of their lives.

Resources can include shopping lists, meal planners, ways to keep track of food and drinks as well as social stories and personalised books about everyday skills. It’s only limited by the imagination.

Cara’s Specialist Services Team support people to find possibility through the development of resources and strategies to implement them, tailored to the needs and interests of individuals.

Specialist Services staff have qualifications in developmental education, training, disability and psychology. To find out how Cara’s Specialist Services Team can support you and your family, call 08 8347 4588 or email [email protected].

Case study provided by CARA.