What is Capital support?

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Assistive technology equipment, home or vehicle modifications are funded through the Capital support budget.

Key points

  • Capital support funding is for assistive technology, modifications and Specialist Disability Accommodation
  • Any funds for aids or equipment you’re requesting for inclusion in your NDIS plan have to meet certain criteria
  • You’re able to choose your own supplier when using your funding

What is Capital support?

The Capital support budget relates to investments such as assistive technology equipment, home or vehicle modifications, or specialist disability equipment. The funding for supports will include assessment, delivery, set-up, adjustment and maintenance costs as needed.

Assistive technology

These are aids or equipment supports that assist you to live independently or help your carer to make it easier to look after you.

They includes items for mobility, personal care, communication and recreational inclusion such as wheelchairs, pressure mattresses, standing frames, bathing and toileting equipment, personal readers and vision equipment or vehicle modifications.

Vehicle modifications

Vehicle modifications include the installation of, or changes to, equipment in a vehicle to enable you to travel safely as a passenger or to drive.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will cover modifications that are considered reasonable and necessary such as installing hand controls if you can’t use your feet to operate pedals or installation of a hoist to help you in and out of a car.

If you would like additional cosmetic or personalised features that are not essential, you will be expected to cover the extra expenses.

Home Modifications

Modifications to help you to live safely and independently at home may include adding hand rails in your bathroom, adding slip-resistant coating to your floor or installing ramps. Quotes will be requested for home modifications.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

SDA refers to accommodation for eligible participants who have extreme functional impairment or very high support needs.

SDA funding is for the disability-related cost of the physical environment (a purpose-built apartment, for example) in which supports can be delivered. SDA funding does not cover personal support costs, which are assessed and funded separately in your NDIS plan.

How can I spend my Capital support funding?

Any funds for aids and/or equipment you’re requesting for inclusion in your NDIS plan have to be related to your disability, give you some clear benefit, and be considered reasonable and necessary.

Money for this support package will be allocated for specific items identified in your plan and has to be used to fund those items. For example, if your plan includes money under Capital supports to pay for a wheelchair, you can’t then decide to spend that money on the installation of a grab rail in the bathroom instead.

It is best to bring a quote for each item you’re requesting money for to your planning meeting, to make sure you receive funding that meets your needs.

You can choose your preferred supplier and there is no need to provide multiple quotes for each item or service.

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