What is Core support?

What is Core support?

Supports that help with day to day life can be accessed through the Core budget.

Key points

  • Core support funding helps you to work towards goals 
  • Core support funding is provided as one lump sum payment 
  • Funding doesn't have to be used and can be set aside for a specific purpose

Core support categories

Your Core budget is made up of supports that will help you go about your daily life while working towards your goals and objectives. It is split into four categories and funding is flexible across all categories.

Assistance with Daily Living

Aims to enable you to live as autonomously as possible. It includes support in the following areas:

  • Assistance with daily personal activities – such as showering, personal hygiene and moving around the house
  • Assistance with household tasks – such as cleaning and maintenance to help maintain your home environment
  • Meals on Wheels / preparation and delivery of meals – covers costs for a chosen service provider to prepare and deliver food on a weekly basis, taking your specific needs into account
  • Assistance in shared living arrangements / supported independent living - incorporates assistance with and/or supervising daily life tasks in a shared living environment. Each person living in the shared arrangement is provided with support based on their individual needs. If it is reasonable and necessary for you to receive this support, a quote is required from a registered provider to ensure their services can efficiently support everyone in the household

Support can also include short-term accommodation assistance such as respite care.


Support to travel around your community. You can only get transport funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) if you are not able to use public transport, such as a bus or train, because of your disability. 

The funding can pay for transport such as a community bus specifically for people with a disability or taxi, and is paid fortnightly in advance. The funding will not pay for a carer or family member to drive you around to activities.

There are three levels of transport support:

  • Level 1 - up to $1,606 per year. You can get level 1 support if you do not work, study or attend a day program. You could also get level 1 support if you would like to join in activities or volunteer in your community.
  • Level 2 - $1,606 to $2,472 per year. You can get level 2 support if you work or study part time (less than 15 hours per week), go to a day program or participate in social, recreational or leisure activities, like sport.
  • Level 3 - $2,472 to $3,456 per year. You can get level 3 support if you work or study more than 15 hours a week or are currently looking for work.

Transport funding in your NDIS plan replaces the Centrelink Mobility Allowance.

Assistance with Social and Community Participation

Support to help you to engage in social or recreational activities and become more involved in your community. These could include a mix of community and centre-based activities such as art classes, sports, camps, library visits or day trips that include mentoring or peer support to strengthen your ability to participate independently.


Support to purchase assistive, personal care or safety items relating to your disability that you would use every day. These can include:

  • Toilet and bathroom equipment
  • Continence aids
  • Home enteral nutrition (HEN) products
  • Specialised clothing

How can I spend my Core funding?

Funding for Core supports is provided as a single lump sum which can be used flexibly across all four categories.

For example if you have a total Core budget of $14,000, you can choose to spread it across different categories and allocate $2,000 for consumables, $7,000 for daily activities, $1,000 for transport and $4,000 for social activities.

Core support funding is flexible but you may choose to set aside funds for a specific purpose.  For instance you may choose to self-manage some of your Core funding to support additional transport needs and receive this as an automatic payment on an ad-hoc basis.