Plan managed

Plan managed

A registered plan management provider can help you manage your NDIS funds.

A plan manager acts as the middle man – the NDIS pays your plan management provider, who then pays your NDIS bills and handles the paperwork. Your plan manager will meet with you to understand your plan and identify what services you’d like them to manage.

If you would like to use a plan manager, you must request this at your planning meeting. Funds will be allocated under ‘Improved Life Choices’ to cover this service - this will not eat into any other support funds.  

Is it for me?

If you would like more flexibility and choice in providers but aren’t confident in handling budgets, then engaging a plan manager may suit you. Choosing a plan management provider means you can use both NDIS registered and non-registered providers, while someone else manages your money and administration.

You won’t be able to see balances or remaining funds through the NDIS participant portal, however, you should be able to receive monthly reports from your plan manager. Depending on which plan management provider you chose, they may have an app or other platform where you can track your spending.    

You can choose whichever plan management provider you like, so it’s important to look around and find one you are confident with.


-        You don’t have to keep track of paperwork or open a special bank account.

-        Freedom to choose any service provider you like

-        No personal financial accountability

-        You have a partner to help you navigate the NDIS

-        Pros of self-management without administrative burden

-        Certain plan management providers might offer their own technology such as apps              and trackers so you can view your budgets whenever you’d like


-        Another person to meet with regularly

-        The billing process may take longer

-        Could take some time to find a plan manager you are 100% happy with

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